Hi, I’m Jon. I design products and services and lead teams making durable, inclusive, aesthetic design for screens, hands, and paper.

I’ve helped organisations of all sizes, from small companies to start-ups to behemoths like the BBC and Natio­nal Geo­graphic. In 2005, I was the first designer to be accept­ed into the Inter­national Society for Typo­graphic Designers based on work for the screen alone. In 2009, I founded the vanguard webfonts service, Fontdeck, that brought some of the world’s best typefaces to the web for the first time. I’ve given dozens of con­ference talks to share my practice for events such as An Event Apart, OSCON, and Amper­sand. I’ve also written for publications such as Typographica, TYPE maga­zine, 24 Ways, and edited the typo­graphy chap­ter for the first Smashing Book.

For­merly, I was a partner at Fic­tive Kin and Analog, Crea­tive Director at OmniTI, and founder of Grow Collective. To find out more please see the interviews and profile on my old site.

For design, speaking, or writing engagements (or just to say hello) please email, follow on Twitter or Instagram, or befriend on Faceborg.

Poster 'End Times'
‘End Times’ A poster for a thing in production right now.